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Our Services are shaped by your goals.  Strategic advice, consulting, coaching and mentoring all ebb & flow depending on the circumstances at hand.  Accordingly, our Services will take a bespoke form for every Client and each Project.  Here we provide an overview of the types of Services we offer.  Please contact us to discuss your needs further so that we may put together a tailored offering just for you.

Strategic Leadership Advisory

Management Consulting and Leadership Advisory services focused on Vision and Strategy.  Designed to help Companies & Teams achieve their longer term goals and navigate current challenges. 


Referred to among peers as "The Queen of Strategy", "A True Visionary" and an "Inspirational Leader", Alexia has a proven track record of successfully leading business and transforming & developing high performing teams with equally high business impact.


Operational Excellence

Consulting and Advisory Services to help the business leader, team leader or entrepreneur optimize their business operations and workflow, helping them find new levels of productivity, efficiency and high impact value. 


Specializing in Winning Strategies for General Counsels & CLOs; Legal Ops Strategy & Implementation; Law Dept. Optimization & Strategies for external Law Firms.


Executive Coaching & Individual Mentoring

We offer 2 tiers of service here:

  1. Corporate:  Personalized coaching and consulting services for Executive Leaders, Functional Leaders and Team Leaders - focused on career and personal & professional development as a leader.

  2. Individual:  Mentoring and coaching for individuals on a private client basis at any stage of their professional & business career journey.


Startups & Nonprofits

We offer a combination of all of the above services on a pro bono or discounted basis for certain startups & nonprofit organizations.  Eligibility criteria discussed on application.  Contact us for more information.

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